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The Ultimate Dog Ball Launcher Automatic Throwing Machine with 3 Balls Dog Training

The Ultimate Dog Ball Launcher Automatic Throwing Machine with 3 Balls Dog Training

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Where Pet Joy Meets Innovation - Unleashing Boundless Fun and Convenience for You and Your Furry Companion 

Experience the joy of effortless playtime with our Pet Dog Toys Tennis Launcher. Elevate your dog's happiness and well-being as this automatic throwing machine provides endless entertainment and exercise. Whether you're a busy pet parent seeking convenience or a dedicated dog owner looking to enhance your furry friend's physical activity, the Pet Dog Toys Tennis Launcher is the perfect solution. Invest in moments of shared delight, strengthen your bond, and watch your pet thrive with each exciting fetch session. Make every playtime a breeze – because your pet's joy is worth it.

Imagine this: after a long day, you return home to a wagging tail and eager eyes. Instead of gearing up for an exhaustive game of fetch, you effortlessly set up the Pet Dog Toys Tennis Launcher. With a simple click, the automatic throwing machine propels tennis balls into the air, creating an instant playground for your furry friend. As your dog joyfully chases each perfectly launched ball, you witness the sheer excitement and energy that this device brings into your shared moments. The convenience of hands-free play allows you to engage with your pet more actively – offering treats, cheers, and affection while the launcher does the heavy lifting. It's not just a purchase; it's an investment in shared happiness and hassle-free playtime, making every day with your pet a delightful adventure.

Product Description:    
*5cm(smaller than regular size tennis ball) diameter elastic tennis, suit for small age pet bite    
*Three-stage launch distance control, adapt to different small indoor space    
*Launching and fetching balls is most dog's favorite game    
*Mini body, not take up space, easy to place, fit in the free corner    
*Let you play with your love pet, even if you are busy it can help your pets keep healthy and dynamic

Mini Tennis Launcher 

*It contains 3 diameter 5cm ball, a power cord plug, a launcher and a product brochure.
*This product giving dogs around the world the opportunity to play fetch to their hearts' content. With it, your dog will never be bored again. It brings you and your pets a playtime.

How to use
1.Press the power switch to turn on three seconds later, the power indicator light up. After three seconds of power switch, the main machine is off.
2.After starting up, press a few power switches respectively to select the throw distance of 3 meters /6 meters /9 meters.
3.The ball crossing at the bottom of the host tennis ball has infrared sensor. Scanning every 10 seconds, the host can deliver the ball every 10 seconds.


Its design is let the ball launch by the turning of the inside roller, so there are some voice when using, which is as a normal situation.

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