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Sisal Scratching Ball

Sisal Scratching Ball

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The Ultimate Cat Toy for Training, Interactive Fun, and Feathered Play. Elevate Your Cat's Joy with this Entertaining and Essential Pet Accessory.

Transform your cat's playtime into an engaging and joy-filled experience with our Sisal Scratching Ball. This interactive toy serves as a training tool, a source of endless entertainment, and a feathered play companion. Investing in this cat accessory means providing your feline friend with not just a toy, but a tool for mental stimulation, exercise, and endless fun. Watch your cat indulge in playful antics, sharpen their claws, and stay physically active – all essential for their overall well-being. Choose the Sisal Scratching Ball to ensure your cat's happiness, health, and a home filled with laughter and delightful moments.

Step into a world of feline enchantment with our Sisal Scratching Ball – a true delight for playful paws. Picture the joy in your cat's eyes as they engage in a mesmerizing dance with this interactive toy. It's not just a ball; it's a catalyst for mental and physical well-being. Watch as they engage in feathered play, sharpen their claws, and unleash their playful spirit. With each swat and bounce, the Sisal Scratching Ball becomes the epicenter of joy in your home, creating a bond between you and your feline companion. Elevate playtime to a whole new level, ensuring a happy and entertained cat every day.

  • Interactive Play: The Sisal Scratching Ball provides interactive play, engaging your cat in a delightful and stimulating activity that promotes mental agility.

  • Sisal Scratching Surface: The ball features a sisal scratching surface, allowing your cat to naturally sharpen their claws and maintain healthy scratching behavior.

  • Feathered Play: With an added feathered element, this toy entices and captivates your cat, encouraging active play and satisfying their hunting instincts.

  • Training Tool: The interactive nature of the toy serves as a training tool, allowing your cat to enhance coordination, agility, and overall physical fitness.

  • Durable Construction: Crafted with durable materials, the Sisal Scratching Ball withstands vigorous play, ensuring long-lasting entertainment for your feline friend.

  • Versatile Use: Suitable for kittens and adult cats alike, this toy is a versatile addition to your cat supplies, offering entertainment and exercise for cats of all ages and sizes.


Brand Name: NoEnName_Null

Toys Type: Balls

Material: Sisal

Type: Cats

Product Introduction

Toys Type : Balls
Origin : CN(Origin)
Type : cats
Material : Sisal
Type : Sisal Rope Ball
Material : Sisal
Color : by Random


Type: Sisal Rope Ball
Material: Sisal
Color: by Random
Quantity: 1 Pc
Features: Sisal Rope, Woven Ball, Cat Toy
Size: Diameter: 6.5cm,rope length: 10cm


1.Designed specifically for sisal cat toys, cat pass the time at home lonely boring, tasteless quality sisal material security, protection cat health.
2.Toys can also act as cat scratch board, in line with catch cat love nature, to avoid the cat scratched furniture and Layers, exercise cats paw, cat promote healthy growth
3.Cats often clawed furniture or sofa, indicating that it has claws grinding needs, this is the cat's nature; and you should be allowed to give cats suitable alternative to meet this need, use or cat scratch cat scratch board is a good column way.
4.Use the natural sisal toys cat scratching as materials, natural non-allergic, look cute, three-dimensional sense, the most able to attract the attention of cats, the cat will be home in a good playmate.
5. Can exercise pet's sensitivity during playing with it.


We do not offer the color choice, we would send color by randomly, each color is nice.
Due to the light and screen setting difference, the item's color may be slightly different from the pictures.
Please allow slight dimension difference due to different manual measurement.

Package Includes

1 x Cat Toy (Color Sent by Random)


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