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The Ultimate Self-Cleaning Cat Litter Box, Upgraded Automatic Cat Litter Box 65L Extra Large Capacity Cleaning Robot, APP Control/Odor Removal

The Ultimate Self-Cleaning Cat Litter Box, Upgraded Automatic Cat Litter Box 65L Extra Large Capacity Cleaning Robot, APP Control/Odor Removal

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Transforms cat care with an impressive 65L Self-Cleaning Litter Box, seamlessly merging hands-free convenience, app-controlled intelligence, and safety measures for a revolutionary and hassle-free pet parent experience.

Discover the ultimate solution for your cat care needs with 65L Self-Cleaning Litter Box! This improved automatic cleaning robot makes litter maintenance a breeze, offering app-controlled convenience and ensuring the safety and comfort of your multiple feline companions. A must-have for any cat lover seeking a hassle-free and sanitary pet care routine.

Experience a spotless haven, where litter cleaning is a thing of the past. With the 65L Upgraded Automatic Cat Litter Box, this fantasy becomes a reality. Just set up the app-controlled device and watch as it effortlessly takes care of all litter maintenance, freeing up more time to bond with your furry feline friends. The smart sensors ensure your pet's safety by automatically pausing operation when they approach, giving pet owners peace of mind. Its spacious design is perfect for multiple cats, ensuring each one has a tidy and cozy space. Say goodbye to litter disasters and hello to a hassle-free cat care experience.

Release Your Hands

No need to scooping the cat litter anymore, this automatic cat litter box lets you not keep shoveling the cat litter, truly free your hands, app control, deep automatic cleaning robot, ionic deodorizer system, and equipped an infrared safety transmitter, when the cat is near, the machine will stop running, to ensure your pet cat safety.

Extra Large Litter Box

65L super large space litter box with small vertical profile and low entrance, cats weighing up to 18 pounds can easily enter and exit without the need for a stool. There is a 9L garbage can above, and the garbage bag can be changed without bending when cleaning. Separate trash can for easy dumping or cleaning. We put a litter mat in each litter box to keep the litter from spilling on the floor. Tips: Plant, Mixed, Bentonite, Ore cat litter can be used, and the diameter of the litter must be at least 2.5 mm and less than 15mm(≤0.1in<0.59in).

Intelligent Wireless Control

APP only supports 2.4GHz networks. Make sure you also turn on 2.4GHz before connecting your phone. The APP records the cat's weight, entry behavior, timing and frequency when entering, approaching and leaving the litter box. If you have multiple cats, you can tell which cat entered the box based on different weights.

Multi-functions Litter Box

Dual protection system when the pet approach the sensor will be sensitive detection, the machine will automatically stop working, to protect the safety of pets. It also syncs the data to your phone so you can monitor your cat's health at all times. One-click replace litter, clean, automatic, and remove odor modes. All old litter can be recovered through using the device's touch panel or app control to replace with new litter.

Ideal Gift for Cats

This litter box must be placed on solid and flat ground. Please do not place in an enclosed space, otherwise the sensor may fail. When loading garbage bags, please ensure that no spare parts are exposed to avoid operation failure. Suitable for plant litter, mixed litter, bentonite sand, ore litter. Our litter pad helps to filters all litter clumps away.


Material: Iron

Is Smart Device: YES

Origin: US

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