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Cactus Cat Tree Tower: 42" of Feline Fun with Natural Sisal Scratching

Cactus Cat Tree Tower: 42" of Feline Fun with Natural Sisal Scratching

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Unleash playtime joy with the Cactus Cat Tree Tower – where style meets feline fun through natural sisal scratching posts. Because your cat's happiness is our mission.

Give your cat the ultimate play haven with the Cactus Cat Tree Tower. Featuring natural sisal scratching posts, it offers a stylish and functional space for your feline friend to perch, scratch, and explore. Elevate their playtime experience, ensuring a happy and content kitty. Invest in the perfect blend of design and entertainment, because your cat deserves the best.

Step into a world of feline delight with the Cactus Cat Tree Tower. As your cat gracefully navigates the natural sisal scratching posts, a playground of joy unfolds. Watch them perch atop, scratch with gusto, and explore their very own oasis. This tower is not just furniture; it's a haven where stylish design meets your cat's playful instincts. Envision a home where every leap, scratch, and perch radiates pure happiness – because with the Cactus Cat Tree Tower, you're creating a paradise for your cherished companion.

Cactus Design Aesthetics: The unique cactus design not only adds a stylish touch to your home but also serves as an engaging and visually appealing space for your cat to explore.

Natural Sisal Scratching Posts: Promote healthy scratching behavior with the natural sisal scratching posts, preventing damage to furniture while satisfying your cat's instinctive need to scratch.

Cat Perch and Condo: The cat tree features a comfortable cat perch and condo, providing versatile spaces for your feline friend to relax, nap, and observe their surroundings, fulfilling their natural instincts.

Multi-Level Play: With multiple levels, the cat tree offers an interactive environment, encouraging your cat to climb, jump, and play, promoting physical activity and mental stimulation.

Dangling Toys for Play: The addition of dangling toys enhances playtime, keeping your cat entertained and engaged, ensuring they stay active and happy.

Sturdy Base: The durable and sturdy construction of the cat tree ensures stability, providing a secure environment for your cat's activities and minimizing the risk of tipping or wobbling.

Easy Assembly: The cat tree is designed for easy assembly, allowing you to set it up quickly and effortlessly, providing your cat with their new play haven in no time.

Space-Saving: Its compact yet functional design makes it a space-saving solution, ideal for homes with limited space while still offering a variety of activities for your cat.

Diverse Entertainment: From scratching to climbing, perching, and playing with dangling toys, this cat tree offers diverse entertainment options, making it a well-rounded investment in your cat's overall well-being.


  • A cactus? No! It's a CAT TREE! Inspired by the desert views, this 42″ cat tree sports a green & brown color combination with cactus stem-shaped details for a vibrant and vivid look. The Forest theme adds a sense of energy to your room. This whole cat tree is made from solid CARB P2-compliant particleboard and covered with soft moppy plush for extra stability and comfort, so it will stand up to even the most enthusiastic scratchers. Comfy perch, condo and basket provide your little tigers with a place to A dangling ball is included to keep your feline friend actively engaged. These features provide a perfect place for cats to relieve their stress, satisfy the cat's interest in scratching, climbing, and jumping and increase the cats' sense of security, allowing them to relax for short periods when tired.


  •  42"H Cactus Cat Tree Tower with Natural Sisal Scratching Posts Platform for Small/Medium Cats, Green & Brown
  • Materials: Particleboard, Moppy Fabric, Plush, Sisal
  • Color: Green & Brown 
  • Overall Dimensions: 17″ L × 17″ W × 42″ H
  • Baseboard: 17″ L × 17″ W
  • Condo: 12″ L × 12″ W × 12″ H
  • Top Perch: 18″ L × 13″ W × 3.5″ H
  • Scratching Board: 15.6″ L × 6″ W
  • Basket Diameter: 12″
  • Maximum Weight Capacity: Perch: 11lb/Condo: 11lb/Basket: 11lb
  • Gross Weight (product in the box): 21.6lb
  • Net Weight (assembled product weight): 20.3lb
  • Please allow a 1/2″ measurement tolerance.

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