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Spray & Play Pet Spa: 3-in-1 Electric Grooming Marvel

Spray & Play Pet Spa: 3-in-1 Electric Grooming Marvel

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Discover the innovative 3-in-1 Electric Grooming Marvel Spray & Play Pet Spa - a combination of grooming and massaging for a well-groomed and content pet. Enjoy the convenience of this versatile tool for optimal pet care.

Upgrade your pet grooming routine with our 3-in-1 Electric Spa Brush. This one-of-a-kind tool removes hair, massages, and sprays for a convenient and comfortable grooming session. Treat your pet to the best care with this all-in-one grooming solution.

Spray, brush, and massage your pet with our 3-in-1 Electric Grooming Marvel! The built-in spray adds freshness, transforming grooming into a pampering experience. Elevate grooming to a bonding moment your pet will love.

3-in-1 Functionality: Combines pet grooming, massage, and hair removal in one tool, providing a comprehensive solution for maintaining your pet's coat.

Electric Operation: Powered by electricity, this brush offers consistent and efficient performance, ensuring a thorough grooming experience.

Built-in Spray Feature: The brush includes a built-in spray function, allowing you to mist water or a conditioning solution while grooming, making the process smoother and more comfortable for your pet.

Promotes Healthy Coat: The grooming and massage functions contribute to a healthy and well-maintained coat by removing loose fur, preventing matting, and stimulating blood circulation.

Soothing Massage: The brush provides a gentle and soothing massage for your pet, promoting relaxation and reducing stress during grooming sessions.

Suitable for Various Pets: Ideal for use on dogs and cats of different breeds and coat types, offering versatility for pet owners with multiple furry companions.

Effortless Cleaning: The design allows for easy cleaning of the brush, ensuring hygiene and convenience in maintaining the grooming tool.


Material: ABS

Model Number: Steamy Brush

Type: Dogs/Cats

Feature: 3 In1 Steamer Brush

Due to different lighting and screen settings, the product color may be slightly different from the picture.
Due to the difference in manual measurement, please allow a 1-3cm difference in size.

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